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Mail delivery first began in North America during the seventeenth century. Prior to the availability of the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, or worldwide web, mail served as the only means of written communication between different locales. The United States’ early mail system proved to be primitive, slow, and often undependable. But as the nation grew, so did its postal system. As American settlers moved west and occupied new lands, their commerce and communication needs demanded dependable, affordable mail service. One of the new places served by the nation’s postal service was Arkansas.

Information about Arkansas post offices on this webpage includes the name of the post office, date of establishment, location, and county. Sources used in compiling this data include official postal service records, “Records of Appointments of Postmasters, Arkansas, 1832-1871” and “Geographic Site Location Reports, 1852-1945.” Also utilized were various editions of the Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat, several volumes of the Territorial Papers of the United States, and the Works Projects Administration’s “List of Post Offices in Arkansas 1817-1874, Inclusive.” The most comprehensive printed compilation of post office information is found in Arkansas History Commission Archival Manager Russell Baker’s Arkansas Post Offices from Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory, 1832-1990, published by the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

Post Office Est. Closed Location Comments
Albion 1892 1913 6-8N-7W Was to be Alto; Mail to Letona
Alto See Albion
Armstrong Springs 1951 33-8N-8W Changed from Quinton, 1912; To Crosby about 1917; Back to Armstrong Springs, 1917
Atkinsville See Little Red
Beebe/Beebe Station 8-5N-8W Changed from Stony Point, 1872
Belcher 1898 1916 1-5N-6W Mail to Griffithville
Beton See Uarta
Bliss 1887 1914 11-9N-6W Was to be Lillie; Mail to Heffington
Boykin 1904 1907 27-8N-10W Was to be Steel; Mail to Rosebud
Brad 1889 18-6N-5W Changed to Ellen, 1895
Bradford 1873 8-9N-4W
Brundidge 1898 1912 31-7N-8W Was to be Latture; Mail to Floyd
Centre Hill/Center Hill 1856 1931 5-7N-8W Mail to Searcy
Chilford See Patson
Clay 1883 1932 19-9N-7W Mail to Pangburn
Clear Spring Clearwater
Clear Water/Clearwater 1876 1909 8-8N-6W Was to be Clear Springs; Mail to Steprock
Clifty See Romance
Cold Well 1850 1873 32-9N-6W
Colgrove 1890 1891 9-8N-9W Was to be Olean; Mail to Turnip
Como/New Como 1873 1874 27-8N-9W
Conant 1908 1909 8-6N-6W Mail to Griffithville
Cox/Coxey 1900 8-8N-8W Named for Asa Cox, Postmaster; Changed to Letona, 1908
Crosby 1909 35-8N-8W Was to be King Station; Changed to Armstrong Springs, 1917
Davenport 1890 1932 14-10N-7W Mail to Pangburn
Davidson See Worden
Des Cane 1913 1918 Mail to Garner
Dewey 1898 1913 9-9N-7W Was to be McKinley; Mail to Clay
Dogwood 1874 1875 9-5N-6W
Doyleville 1918 34-10N-7W Changed from Little Red, 1911; Mail to Steprock
Egbert 1881 1916 10-5N-6W Named for Egbert R. Williams; Mail to Griffithville
Ellen 1911 18-6N-5W Changed from Brad, 1895; Mail to West Point
Elpaso/Elpasso 1869 29-6N-10W Was to be Olive Creek; From Conway County, 1869; Back in 1870
Enright 1919 1955 11-6N-5W Was to be Float; Mail to Searcy
Essex 1893 1915 20-6N-8W Was to be Fish Back; Mail to Beebe
Eva 1881 33-7N-9W Changed to Floyd, 1888
Evert 1903 1912 5-7N-9W Mail to Romance
Fish Back See Essex
Float 1919 1919 See Enright
Floyd 1931 33-7N-8W Changed from Eva, 1881; Mail to Beebe
Frankfort 1837 Changed to Searcy, 1838
Garner 18-6N-7W Changed from Paxson, 1889
Garner Station 1872 19-6N-7W Changed to Paxson, 1889
Georgetown 1972 20-6N-4W Changed from Negro Hill, 1909
Greswold 1866 1886
Griffithville 1898 22-6N-6W
Hammonsville 1886 1913 4-6N-10W Mail to Elpaso
Higginson 1875 25-7N-7W
Hiram 1876 1956 To Cleburne County, 1883
Ilion 1892 1894 4-5N-7W Was to be Sayes; Mail to Beebe
Joy 1897 1917 27-8N-9W Mail to Crosby
Judson 1856 15-9N-8W Changed to Pangburn, 1880
Judsonia 34-8N-6W Changed from Prospect Bluff, 1872
Kennsett 1872 17-7N-6W
Kentucky Valley 1858 1866
King Station See Crosby
Latture See Brundidge
Letona 35-9N-8W Changed from Cox, 1908
Lillie See Bliss
Little Red 1876 31-10N-7W Was to be Adkinsville; Changed to Doyleville, 1911
Maddock 1903 1914 15-10N-6W Mail to Denmark
McKinley See Dewey
McRae 1890 26-6N-8W
Middleton 1842 Changed from Desarc, 1837
Mount Eva 1878 1881 4-6N-9W
Mount Pisgah 1872 1914 10-8N-8W Mail to Searcy
Muddy Bayou 1858 1867
Neal See Quinton
Negro Hill 1870 7-6N-4W Changed to Georgetown, 1909
New Como See Como
New Garner See Paxson
Oak Valley 1854 19-10N-6W Changed to Ten Mile Creek, 1855
Olean See Colgrove
Olivecreek See El Paso
Opal 1895 1896 31-9N-9W Was to be Silvis; Mail to Bebee
Overt 1878 1881 34-7N-10W
Pangburn 10-9N-8W Changed from Judson, 1880
Paxson 18-6N-7W Changed from Garner Station, 1889; Garner, 1889; Was to be Cliford
Paxson 1889 1891 13-7N-9W Local name, New Garner
Peace 1887 1889 Mail to Searcy
Plants 35-9N-5W Changed from Russell, 1878; Back to Russell, 1884
Prospect Bluff 1871 34-8N-6W Changed to Judsonia, 1872
Providence 1898 1901 30-9N-6W Mail to Clear Water
Quinton 1901 33-8N-8W Was to be Strand or Neal; Changed to Armstrong Springs, 1912
Ranes 1899 1908 4-5N-7W Named for Jonia Ranes; Mail to Defiance
Riovista 1888 1901 30-8N-4W Mail to Bald Knob
Romance 1884 15-7N-10W Was to be Clifty
Roosevelt 1900 1955 18-10N-6W Mail to Judsonia
Rosebud/Rose Bud 1858 16-8N-10W
Royal Colony 1854 1866 31-10N-6W
Russell 1875 35-9N-5W Changed to Plants, 1878; Changed from Plants, 1884
Sayes See Ilion
Searcy 10-7N-7W Changed from Frankford, 1838
Seph See Stevens Creek
Shelby 1878 36-6N-10W
Short 1901 1915 34-9N-7W Mail to Clay
Sidon 1892 1973 3-8N-9W
Silvis See Opal
Stanley's Well 1873 1873 4-5N-9W
Steel See Boykin
Steprock/Step Rock 1894 6-9N-6W
Stevens-Creek 1872 1909 23-9N-6W Was to be Steph; Mail to Baldknob
Stony Point 1849 2-5N-9W Changed to Beebe Station, 1872
Strand See Quinton
Sunrise 1890 1909 18-6N-9W Mail to El paso
Tenmile Creek 1857 10-10N-6W Changed from Oak Valley, 1855
Tevis 1891 1892 13-5N-6W Namd for James D. Tevis, Postmaster
Tranquility/Tranquillity 1878 1879 26-7N-9W
Trust 1881 1883 To Cleburn County, 1883
Turnip 1881 1915 21-8N-9W Mail to Rosebud
Uarta 1900 1902 2-6N-8W Was to be named Belton; Mail to Garner
Velvet Ridge 1854 1866 7-9N-5W
Walker 1881 1955 19-6N-6W Named for John T. Walker, Postmaster; Mail to Searcy
West Point 1852 26-7N-6W
Worden 1905 1918 25-8N-5W Was to be named Davison; Mail to Bald Knob