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Mail delivery first began in North America during the seventeenth century. Prior to the availability of the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, or worldwide web, mail served as the only means of written communication between different locales. The United States’ early mail system proved to be primitive, slow, and often undependable. But as the nation grew, so did its postal system. As American settlers moved west and occupied new lands, their commerce and communication needs demanded dependable, affordable mail service. One of the new places served by the nation’s postal service was Arkansas.

Information about Arkansas post offices on this webpage includes the name of the post office, date of establishment, location, and county. Sources used in compiling this data include official postal service records, “Records of Appointments of Postmasters, Arkansas, 1832-1871” and “Geographic Site Location Reports, 1852-1945.” Also utilized were various editions of the Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat, several volumes of the Territorial Papers of the United States, and the Works Projects Administration’s “List of Post Offices in Arkansas 1817-1874, Inclusive.” The most comprehensive printed compilation of post office information is found in Arkansas History Commission Archival Manager Russell Baker’s Arkansas Post Offices from Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory, 1832-1990, published by the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

Post Office Est. Closed Location Comments
Ada 1857 1867 7-15N-31W Mail to Adona
Albia 1871 1873 23-13N-30W
Aquilla 1884 1887 27-17N-29W Mail to Springdale
Arnett 1883 1951 14-14N-29W Named for Luke Arnett; Mail to Fayetteville
Baldwin 1892 1955 20-16N-29W Mail to Fayetteville
Bamboo 1903 1905 17-13N-31W Mail to Strickler
Billingsley 1854 1887 3-14N-31W Local name, Latonia; Mail to West Fork
Blackburn 1880 1952 7-13N-30W Was to be Blackburn Fork, Boston or Ino; Mail to Winslow
Blackburn Fork See Blackburn
Blewford 1897 8-17N-31W Name changed to Thornsberry, 1902
Bluff See Wyola
Boon's Grove/Boone's Grove 1851 1869 18-15N-28W Named for Benjamin F. Boone; Local name, Lewis Mills
Boonsboro/Boonsborough 8-14N-32W Changed from Steam Mill, 1843; Changed to Cane Hill, 1901
Boston 1858 1868 See Blackburn
Bostonville 1844 1848 17-14N-31W See Odell
Brentwood 1964 30-14N-29W Changed from Gunter 1882; Mail to Winslow
Brush Creek 1840 1841
Cane Hill 1830 1868 26-15N-32W
Canehill/Cane Hill 8-14N-32W Changed from Boonsboro, 1901
Carters Store/Carter 1875 34-15N-29W Named for John C. Carter, Postmaster; Changed to Hicks, 1930
Cherokee Agency 1840 1849 Late in Crawford County
Cincinnati 1911 29-16N-33W Changed from Sylva, 1857; Mail to Summers
Cleveland 1879 1880 19-16N-29W
Clyde 1887 1958 17-14N-32W Mail to Cane Hill
College Grove 1874 32-17N-32W Changed to Goshen, 1876
Cove Creek 1844 1848
Cross Roads 1875 1884 8-15N-29W Mail to Mankins
Cut See Thornsberry
Davis See Floss
Devore 1884 1889 2-13N-29W Named for Elijah Devore; Mail to Sunset
Dobbs Store See Greenville
Dump 1885 1896 29-13N-28W Mail to Sunset
Durham 1873 1967 29-15N-284 Was to be White River; Mail to Fayetteville
Dutch Mills 1871 1965 21-14N-334 Mail to Lincoln
Elkins 1-15N-29W Changed from Hood, 1892
Elm Springs/Elmsprings 1848 25-18N-31W
Eutaw 1838 1838
Evangel 1909 1912 7-14N-29W Was to be Rowghton; Mail to Brentwood
Evansville 21-13N-33W For Lewis Evans; From Vineyard, 1837
Ever Green/Evergreen 1866 1897 25-19N-29W Was to be Pine Grove; Mail to Springdale
Farmington 1868 26-16N-31W
Fayetteville 16-16N-30W Changed from Washington Courthouse, 1829
Felix 1890 31-17N-31W Changed from Swaggerty, 1886; Was to be Glover
Fleener 1902 1910 4-15N-28W Mail to Elkins
Floss 1898 1905 14-13N-32W Was to be named Davis for William Thomas Davis, Postmaster
Forley 1890 1891 1-16N-34W Mail to Trident
Georgetown 1884 30-15N-32W Was to be named Starr; Changed to Lincoln, 1885
Goshen 31-17N-28W Changed from College Grove, 1876
Greenland 9-15N-30W Changed from Staunton 1909; Local name, Greenland Station
Greenland Station See Greenland
Greenville 1854 1874 5-13N-31W Local name, Dobbins Store
Greer/Greersburg See Toln
Grover See Felix
Gunter 1880 31-14N-29W Changed to Brentwood ,1882
Habberton 1899 1951 26-17N-29W Mail to Fayetteville
Hale See Ridge
Harman 1902 1909 15-17N-31W Named for George W. Harman, Postmaster; Mail to Wheeler
Harris 1888 1957 27-16N-29W Mail to Fayetteville
Hazel Valley 1875 1951 36-14N-29W Mail to Fayetteville
Helth/Health 1884 11-13N-28W To Madison County, 1884
Hermansburgh/Hermannsburg 1853 1867 21-14N-33W Named for John H. Hermann, Postmaster
Hicks 1953 34-15N-29W Changed from Carters Store, 1930; Mail to Fayetteville
Hilochee 1850 1868 23-17N-32W Local name, Marrs Hill
Holm 1881 1881 27-17N-29W
Hood 1885 1-15N-29W Named for Hood Family; Was to be Simpson or Valley Grove
Howe 1884 1888 2-16N-32W Mail to Felix
Hubard 1888 1907 7-14N-31W Mail to Prairie Grove
Ino See Blackburn
Jabur 1896 1900 19-16N-31W Was to be Rieff for James F. Reiff, Postmaster; Mail to Farmington
Johnson 1887 22-17N-30W
Joy See Savoy
Latonia See Billingsley
Lewis Mills See Boon's Grove
Liberty Grove 1875 1878 16-15N-30W
Lincoln 30-15N-32W Changed from Georgetown, 1885
Little Spring From Madison County, 1876; Changed to Spring Valley, 1876
Lone Starr 1883 1884 24-15N-31W Mail to Billingsley
Lynch's Prairie 1859 1866
Maguire's Store 1888 25-16N-29W From Madison County, 1853; Named for Hosea M. Maguire
Malta 1887 1888
Mankins 1882 22-15N-29W Named for Peter Mankins; Changed Sulphur City, 1887
Marrs Hill 1840 1841 19-16N-31W Named for James Marrs, see Hilochee
Mayfield 1900 1958 22-17N-28W Mail to Fayetteville
Mineral See Ridge
Moffit 1888 1905 3-14N-31W Mail to Prairie Grove
Morrow 1883 25-14N-33W Named for G. W. Morrow; Was to be Morrowville
Morrowville See Morrow
Mount Hays 1877 1879 14-15N-33W
Mountain 1833 1839 4-14N-31W
Ocoee 1883 1885 17-14N-31W Mail to Fayetteville
Odell 1955 6-12N-32W Was to be Stop or Bostonville; Mail to Evansville
Onda 1893 1908 28-14N-31W Mail to West Fork
Osburn 1901 1929 32-14N-28W Named for Henry N. Osborn; Mail to Hazel Valley
Padroa 1892 1916 17-13N-32W Mail to Cane Hill
Paschal 1889 1890
Pine Grove See Evergreen
Pitkin 1884 16-14N-30W Changed to Woolsey, 1928
Prairie Grove 1867 18-15N-31W
Rhea's Mills/Rheas Mills/Rhea 1867 1963 5-15N-32W Named fro Rhea Family; Mail to Lincoln
Richland Creek 1832 20-16N-28W Changed to Titsworth, 1847; To Madison County, 1847
Rickert 1891 1905 14-16N-32W Named for Henry H. Rickert, Postmaster; Mail to Prairie Grove
Ridge 1901 1922 35-15N-30W Was to be Mineral or Hale; Mail to West Fork
Rieff See Jabur
Rowghton See Evangel
Rugby 1882 9-15N-30W Changed to Staunton, 1886
Savoy 1892 1942 31-17N-31W Was to be Joy; Mail to Fayetteville
Sexton 1882 1906 8-14N-33W Mail to Summers
Simpson See Hood
Sinar 1890 1891
Skylight 1900 1916 33-14N-32W Mail to Cane Hill
Sonora 1896 1943 11-17N-29W Mail to Springdale
Spring Mill 1858 1866
Spring Valley 1959 2-17N-28W Changed from Little Spring, 1876; Mail to Springdale
Springdale/Spring Dale 1872 36-18N-30W
St. Patricks 1840 1843
Starr See Georgetown
Staunton 9-15N-30W Changed from Rugby, 1886; Changed to Greenland, 1909
Steam Mill 1839 17-17N-32W Changed to Boonsboro, 1843
Steele 1913 1914 13-17N-31W Named for Sarah A. Steele, Postmistress; Mail to Johnson
Stop See Odell
Strain 1884 1887 33-16N-29W Mail to Maguire's Store
Strickler 1878 1943 7-13N-31W Mail to West Fork
Sugar Hill 1902 1902 2-14N-33W Mail to Lincoln
Sulphur City 1953 22-15N-29W Changed from Mankins, 1887; Mail to Fayetteville
Summers 1882 16-15N-33W Named for John T. Summers, Postmaster
Summitt Home 1876 13-13N-30W Changed to Winslow, 1881
Sunset/Sun Set 1888 1951 12-13N-29W Mail to Winslow
Swaggerty 1885 34-17N-31W Changed to Felix, 1886
Sweet Home 1840 1846 17-15N-31W
Sydenham 1901 1916 14-16N-29W Mail to Harris
Sylva 1838 Changed to Cincinnati, 1857; See Maguire's Store
Taney 1848 1879 30-14N-29W
Thornsberry 1906 30-18N-31W Changed from Blewford, 1902; Was to be Cut; Mail to Elm Springs
Toln 1887 16-13N-33W Was to be Greer or Greersburg; Changed to Tolu, 1888
Tolu 1902 16-13N-33W Changed from Toln, 1888; Mail to Evansville
Tontitown 1900 1-17N-31W
Tranquillas 1870 1871 14-14N-29W
Tuttle 1907 1912 21-16N-28W Mail to Goshen
Vale 1901 1951 20-16N-30W Was to be Y
Valley Grove See Hodd
Vida 1913 1914 36-13N-32W Local name, Wilcox Store; Mail to Strickler
Viney Grove/Vineygrove 1870 1905 1-15N-32W Mail to Prairie Grove
Vineyard 1829 21-13N-33W Changed to Evansville, 1837
Wareagle 1832 Changed to Sevierville, 1837; To Madison County, 1837
Washington Courthouse 1829 Changed to Fayetteville, 1829
Wedington 1879 1906 7-16N-32W Mail to Rhea's Mills
Wesley 29-16N-28W From Madison County, 1867; To Madison County, 1874
West Fork 1848 16-14N-30W
Wheeler 1873 28-17N-31W
White River See Durham
Wilcox Store See Vida
Winslow 13-13N-30W Changed from Summit Home, 1881
Wofford 1910 1911 8-15N-29W Mail to Ridge
Woolsey 1955 16-14N-30W Changed from Pitkin, 1928; Mail to West Fork
Wyman 1886 1919 8-16N-29W Mail to Fayetteville
Wyola 1915 1953 22-14N-29W Was to be Bluff; Mail to Winslow
Y See Vale