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Mail delivery first began in North America during the seventeenth century. Prior to the availability of the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, or worldwide web, mail served as the only means of written communication between different locales. The United States’ early mail system proved to be primitive, slow, and often undependable. But as the nation grew, so did its postal system. As American settlers moved west and occupied new lands, their commerce and communication needs demanded dependable, affordable mail service. One of the new places served by the nation’s postal service was Arkansas.

Information about Arkansas post offices on this webpage includes the name of the post office, date of establishment, location, and county. Sources used in compiling this data include official postal service records, “Records of Appointments of Postmasters, Arkansas, 1832-1871” and “Geographic Site Location Reports, 1852-1945.” Also utilized were various editions of the Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat, several volumes of the Territorial Papers of the United States, and the Works Projects Administration’s “List of Post Offices in Arkansas 1817-1874, Inclusive.” The most comprehensive printed compilation of post office information is found in Arkansas History Commission Archival Manager Russell Baker’s Arkansas Post Offices from Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory, 1832-1990, published by the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

Post Office Est. Closed Location Comments
Abney 1907 1909 28-10S-29W Mail to Ben Lomond
Adrian 1858 1866
Allensville 1860 1866
Antimony 1916 8-7S-30W From Howard County, 1914; Mail to Gilham
Avon 1898 1905 6-8S-31W Was to have been named Crush or Pullman; Mail to DeQueen
Bear Creek See Nelta Boc
Bellville 1867 35-9S-30W Name changed from Red Colony, 1860
Belton 1892 20-8S-31W Name changed to DeQueen, 1897
Ben Lomond 5-11S-29W Name changed from Brownstown, 1868
Black Colony 1879 12-11S-29W Name changed to Brownstown, 1880
Blanchard 1905 1917 13-7S-33W
Brownstown 5-11S-29W Changed from Pine Woods, 1846; To Ben Lomond, 1868
Brownstown 1927 11-11S-29W Name changed from Black Colony, 1880; Mail to Paraloma
Burlingame 1900 1902 24-9S-32W Named for Joseph T. Burlingame; Mail to Horatio
Centre Point 1849 35-8S-27W To Howard County, 1873
Chapel Hill/Chapelhill 1877 1906 35-8S-32W Mail to DeQueen
Cheatham 1918 36-7S-33W Changed from Stuart, 1904; Named for John Henry Cheatham, Postmaster
Corn/Cornhill 1902 1925 30-10S-28W Mail to Lockesburg
Cosatot 1896 1897 19-9S-30W Mail to Lockesburg
Cossatot 1917 1917 22-7S-30W Mail to Gillham
Cossatot 1874 1879 13-7S-31W
Cossetot 1884 1885 24-9S-31W
Cossitat 1828 1834
Cossotot Mines 1878 5-7S-30W Name changed to Jordanbrook, 1879
Crush See Avon
Dale See McRae
Dilworth 1903 1905 36-9S-31W Was to be named Poole; Mail to Horatio
Eden 1903 36-9S-33W Name changed to Otis, 1910
Edwin 1890 1891 19-105-29W Mail to Ben Lomond
Eggville 1901 1902 10-9S-30W Mail to Lockesburg
Emmis 1896 1896
Farmington 1851 1860
Farribaville 1868 9-8S-29W Named for William P. Farriba; Name changed to Provo, 1903
Fort Towson 1832 Name changed to Doaksville; Choctaw Nation, 1847
Geneva 1910 1911 31-8S-30W Mail to De Queen
Giddings 1901 1902 7-7S-29W Was to be Garret or Greely; Mail to Antimony
Gillham 8-7S-31W Name changed from Silver Hill, 1897
Graret See Giddings
Greely See Giddings
Greer See Milura
Harper Springs 1925 To Howard County, 1927
Harris' Mill Mineral Hill, 1859; Named for Henry C. Harris; To Choctaw Nation, 1859
Harvey See Thelma
Hobson See Paraclifta
Holcomb 1890 1905 9-8S-30W Named for John R. Holcomb; Mail to Lockesburg
Horatio 1895 36-9S-32W
Hortense 19901 1905 31-8S-30W Mail to De Queen
Jordanbrook/Jordan Brook 1900 20-7S-30W Changed from Cossatot Mines, 1879; Named for Minsey C. Jordan; Mail to Holcomb
King 1906 1966 27-7S-31W Was to be named Kings Spurr; Mail to Gillham
Kings Spurr See King
Lemric 1890 1900 18-8S-29W Was to be named Ross; Mail to Lockesburg
Little River Lick 1831 Name changed to Ultima Thula, 1833
Lockesburg/Lockesburgh 1870 23-9S-30W
Lyon's Beard/Lions 1848 9-10S-31W Name changed to Norwoodsville, 1855
Majorie 1904 1904 "Never in Operation"
Marlow 1901 1916 24-10S-31W Mail to Horatio
McRae 1886 1889 5-8S-29W Was to be named Dale; Mail to Atwood in Howard County
Milford 1892 1916 14-10S-29W Mail to Lockesburg
Millwood 1857 1866 8-12S-28W
Milura 1898 1899 10-8S-32W Was to be named Greer; Mail to DeQueen
Mineral 1905 1954 6-7S-31W Mail to Gillham
Mineral Mill 1852 27-7S-32W Name changed to Harris Hill, 1859
Nance 1898 1899 30-8S-30W Mail to De Queen
Neal Springs 1900 1917 2-10S-32W Mail to Horatio
Nelta Boc 1859 1877 10-9S-32W Was to be named Bear Creek
Norwoodsville 1905 32-9S-31W Changed from Lion's Beard, 1855; Named for Lewis H. Norwood; Mail to Horatio
Oak Grove See Thelma
Otis 1915 25-9S-33W Name changed from Eden, 1910; Mail to De Queen
Paraclifta 1832 1909 27-10S-30W Was to be named Hobson; Mail to Riddle
Paraloma 1907 1954 17-11S-28W Mail to Lockesburg
Pearce 1902 1903
Petty 1887 1902 28-7S-32W Named for Bathsheba F. Petty, Postmistress; Mail to Gillham
Pine Woods 1833 Name changed to Brownstown, 1846
Poole See Dilworth
Provo 1954 29-8S-29W Name changed from Farribaville, 1903; Mail to Lockesburg
Pullman 1899 1904 29-7S-31W See Avon; Mail to Avon
Red Colony 1860 Name changed to Bellville, 1860
Redhill 1909 1911 29-7S-30W Mail to Gillham
Richmond 1857 16-13S-30W To Little River County, 1867
Riddle 1895 1914 16-10S-30W Mail to Lockesburg
Rocky Comfort 1846 28-12S-32W To Little River County, 1867
Ross See Lemric
Roundtop 1915 1921 1-7S-30W Mail to Gillham
Saline 1842 Name changed to Mineral Springs in Hempstead County, 1869
Silver Hill 1874 12-7S-32W Name changed to Gillham, 1897
Stuart 1901 36-7S-33W Name changed to Cheatham, 1904
Sweet Home 1872 1873 20-8S-31W
Thelma 1906 1908 10-8S-32W Was to be named Oak Grove or Harvey; Mail to De Queen
Ultima Thula 1907 23-8S-33W Name changed from Little River Lick, 1833; Mail to De Queen
Walnut Prairie 1833 1835 Private location' to Little River County, 1867
West Line 1922 1927 Mail to DeQueen
White Cliffs 14-11S-29W From Little River County, 1948; Back to Little River County by 1954
White Oak Shoals 1858 1867
Yorksville/Yorkville 1873 1878 22-9S-29W