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Mail delivery first began in North America during the seventeenth century. Prior to the availability of the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, or worldwide web, mail served as the only means of written communication between different locales. The United States’ early mail system proved to be primitive, slow, and often undependable. But as the nation grew, so did its postal system. As American settlers moved west and occupied new lands, their commerce and communication needs demanded dependable, affordable mail service. One of the new places served by the nation’s postal service was Arkansas.

Information about Arkansas post offices on this webpage includes the name of the post office, date of establishment, location, and county. Sources used in compiling this data include official postal service records, “Records of Appointments of Postmasters, Arkansas, 1832-1871” and “Geographic Site Location Reports, 1852-1945.” Also utilized were various editions of the Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat, several volumes of the Territorial Papers of the United States, and the Works Projects Administration’s “List of Post Offices in Arkansas 1817-1874, Inclusive.” The most comprehensive printed compilation of post office information is found in Arkansas History Commission Archival Manager Russell Baker’s Arkansas Post Offices from Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory, 1832-1990, published by the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

Post Office Est. Closed Location Comments
Alexander 1878 18-1S-13W
Argenta 1871 1901 35-2N-12W Made Argenta Branch, 1901; Changed to North Little Rock about 1919
Arkopolis See Little Rock
Ashley Mills 1870 1874 21-1N-10W
Banty 1890 10-1N-14W Name changed to Frank, 1896
Baring Cross 1896 1902 34-2N-12W Mail to Little Rock
Bartlett 1870 1875 26-3N-13W
Baucum 1903 7-1N-10W Name from Willowdale, 1894; Mail to Little Rock
Bayou Metre/Bayou Metoe 1835 1876 29-4N-11W
Bearing Cross 1878 1878 34-2N-12W
Belmont 1918 1919 10-2N-12W Mail to Levy
Bermuda See Parker's Store
Bethel 1860 1866
Billey See Claremore
Blands Mill See Totten
Booker 16-2N-11 Changed from McAlmont 1906; Changed back to McAlmont, 1914
Bratton 31-3N-13W Changed from Fieldston, 1910; Changed to Wilder, 1914
Butlerville 1871 1876 14-4N-8W To Lonoke County, 1873
Cabot 1873 18-4N-9W To Lonoke County, 1873
Cadron 1818 1824 To Conway County, 1825
Caldwilton/Caldwiltown 28-1S-15W Changed from New Kentucky, 1833; To Saline County, 1835
Campbell 21-2S-11W Changed from Pennington's Mill, 1871; To Saline County, 1873; Changed to Woodson 1881; Local name, Judge Campbell's
Carnes 1910 1910 35-2N-14W Mail to Little Rock
Churchill 1860 1866
Claremore 1892 1899 34-2N-13W Was to be Billey; Mail to Little Rock
College Station See Genevia
Collegeville 14-1S-14W Changed from Dogwood Springs 1835; To Saline County, 1835
Crystal Hill/Chrystal Hill 1820 1827
Danly Changed from Palarm Bayou, 1877; To Faulkner County, 1877
Danly 1848 1848
Des Arc Changed from Francisville, 1848; To Prairie County, 1848
Desarc 1831 ?-6N-9W Changed to Middleton before 1837; To White County, 1837
Dickey 1903 18-1S-10W Changed from Landing, 1885; Was to be Eagle; Mail to Ashvale
Doe Branch 1878 20-2N-15W Changed to Ferndale, 1914
Dogwood Springs 1830 14-1S-14W Changed to Collegeville, 1835; To Saline County, 1835
Eagle See Dickey
Eagle Landing/ Eagle 1869 1874 6-25-104
Elmhurst 1914 1916 36-3N-14W Mail to Wilder
Ferndale 1964 25-2N-15W Changed from Doe Branch, 1914; Mail to Little Rock
Fieldston 1905 Changed to Bratton, 1910
Fletcher 1888 1903 13-3N-15W Mail to Maumelle
Fort Roots 1897 1899 28-2N-12W Mail to Argenta; Local name, Fort Logan H. Roots
Fourch/Fourche 1856 1859 7-?-13W
Fourche Dam 1874 1903 16-1N-11W Mail to Little Rock
Francisville 1848 Changed to Des Arc, 1848
Frank 1915 33-2N-14W Changed from Banty, 1896; was to be Terry; Mail to Ferndale
Frederichburg See Grimmette
Ft. Roots Changed from Military Branch, 1916; Changed to Pike, 1917
Gallaway 1871 1903 30-2N-10W Named for Mrs. Walton A. Gallaway, Postmistress; Mail to Little Rock
Genevia 1942 1979 19-1N-11W Was to be College Station; Named for Myrtle G. Jones, Postmistress
Gibson 1903 1908 21-3N-11W Named for John C. Gibson, Postmaster; Mail to Jacksonville
Good Hope 1855 1866 8-5N-12W
Grassy Flat 1878 1879 21-2N-13W
Grimmette 1903 1905 10-2N-13W Was to be Frederichburg; Named for Susie M. Grimmette, Postmistress
Hadad 1843 1846 ?-1N-10W
Halstead 1878 1916 21-1N-13W Named for Thomas A. Halstead, Postmaster; Mail to Little Rock
Hensley 1882 33-2S-11W From Saline County, 1915
Hibernia 1861 1866
Horace 1891 1891 27-1N-14W Mail to Banty
Ira 1903 1910 21-1S-10W Was to be Lindsey; Named for Ira Lindsey, Postmaster; Mail to Toltec
Irene 1900 1904 12-2S-10W Mail to Keo
Ironton 1888 1906 14-1S-12W Mail to Little Rock
Isbell See Wrightsville
Ivesville/Ives Vill 1885 1913 Named for Eliza Ives, Postmistress; Mail to Little Rock
Jacksonville 1871 30-3N-10W Named for Nicholas W. Jackson, Postmaster
Jaysville/Jays Ville 1874 27-1N-13W Named for John W. Jay, Postmaster; Changed to Rosedale
Jericho 1846 1849 17-1N-14W
Kanis 1907 1907
Kellog Mines 1876 1878 30-3N-11W
Kerr's/Kerrs 1876 To Lonoke County, 1878
Lecont 1890 1905 12-3N-11W Mail to Jacksonville
Levy/Levy Station 1901 22-2N-12W Became a substation of North Little Rock, 1947
Liberty 1858 1869 ?-4N-12W
Lindsey See Ira
Little Fourche 1872 11-1S-13W To Saline County, 1876
Little Maumelle 1846 1847
Little Maumll/Little Maumelle 1901 1917 18-2N-13W Mail to Pinnacle
Little Rock 1820 4-2N-12W Move to change name to Arkopolis failed, 1821
Little Rock/Military Branch See Military Branch
Lodi 1860 1866
Mabelvale 1873 31-1S-13W
Macon 1910 3-3N-11W Changed from Piedmont, 1899; Mail to Jacksonville
Marche 1875 1930 26-3N-13W Mail to Little Rock
Mary 1849 1860 31-3N-10W
Maumelle 1846 1926 21-3N-15W Mail to Bigelow
McAlmont 1876 1916 16-2N-11W Changed to Booker, 1906; Changed back, 1914; Mail to Rixey
McHenrys Creek 1860 1866 ?-1N-13W
Middleton See Desarc
Military Branch 1916 1917 20-2N-12W Changed to Fort Roots 1916; To Pike, 1917
Mineral 1879 1894 9-3N-12W Mail to Cato
Mitchells Store, Rural Station 1912 17-?-12W Substation of Little Rock
Mount Retreat 1854 1856 36-3N-12W
Natural Steps 1880 1925 35-3N-14W Mail to Roland
New Kentucky 1831 Changed to Caldwilton 1833; To Saline County, 1835
Niemeyer 1883 1885 28-2N-11W Named for firm of Neimeyer & Darrah; Mail to Little Rock
Niona 1851 1851
Norman 1899 1900 Mail to Frank
North Little Rock 35-2N-12W Changed from Argenta Branch c1919; Separate office, 1933
North Point/Northpoint 1851 1923 7-2N-14W Mail to Pinnacle
Oakdale 1898 1914 20-2S-10W Was to be Paty; Mail to Wampoo
Oakland Grove 1842 ?-4N-9W To Prairie County, 1848
Old River See Reed's Landing
Olmstead 1890 1964 29-4N-11W Was to be Olmsteadville; Mail to Faulkner Gap
Olmsteadvile See Olmstead
Palarm 1856 1866 19-4N-13W
Palarm Bayou 1870 Changed to Danly, 1877
Parker's Store 1878 1906 17-1S-12W Was to be Bermuda; Named for Robert S. Parker, Postmaster
Paty See Oakdale
Peconnery 1825 To Conway County, 1825
Pennington's Mills 1855 16-2S-11W Named for Wm. Q. Pennington; Changed to Campbell, 1871
Perkins Store Woodson was to be Perkins Store; Named for G. W. Perkins
Piedmont 1892 31-4N-10W Changed to Macon, 1899
Pike 10-2N12W Changed from Fort Roots, 1917
Pine Bluff 1828 To Jefferson County, 1829
Pinnacle 1901 1953 10-2N-14W Mail to Roland
Preston 1852 1853 ?-4N-12W
Pulaski Courthouse Little Rock also known as Pulaski Courthouse, 1823
Pulaski Heights 1924 31-2N-12W A Little Rock mail station
Rackensack 1883 1889 20-1N-10W Mail to Ivesville
Reed's Landing/Reid's Landing 1870 18-1S-10W Was to be Old River; Named for Marcus Reed; Changed to Dickey
Rixey 1913 1923 11-2N-11W
Roland 1884 14-3N-14W
Rosedale 1878 27-1N-13W Changed from Jaysville, 1876
Saline Crossing/Saline 1831 1833 To Saline County, 1835
Scott 1904 21-1N-10W From Lonoke County, 1889; Named for Conway Scott, Postmaster
Sweet Home 1877 36-1N-12W
Terry FrankSee
Tie Plant 1908 1958 32-2N-11W Mail to Little Rock
Toskana 1895 1903 18-1N-12W Mail to Little Rock
Totten 1878 1895 8-1N-14W Local name, Blands Mills; Mail to Banty
Veterans Admn. Facility Branch 1941 23-2N-12W Of North Little Rock
Wampoo 1872 1915 18-2S-10W Mail to Keo
Warsaw 1889 1905 26-4N-11W Was to be named Wood; Mail to Jacksonville
Waverly 1858 1866
Whorton 1873 1876 22-2N-10W
Wilder 1917 20-3N-13W Changed from Bratton, 1914; Named for Robert L. Wilder
Willowdale 1880 12-1N-11W Changed to Baucum, 1894
Wood See Warsaw
Woodruff 1850 1850 On North side of Arkansas River, 12 miles below Little Rock
Woodson 28-2S-11W Changed from Campbell, 1881; From Saline County, 1913
Wrightsville 1873 29-1S-11W Was to be named Isbell