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Mail delivery first began in North America during the seventeenth century. Prior to the availability of the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, or worldwide web, mail served as the only means of written communication between different locales. The United States’ early mail system proved to be primitive, slow, and often undependable. But as the nation grew, so did its postal system. As American settlers moved west and occupied new lands, their commerce and communication needs demanded dependable, affordable mail service. One of the new places served by the nation’s postal service was Arkansas.

Information about Arkansas post offices on this webpage includes the name of the post office, date of establishment, location, and county. Sources used in compiling this data include official postal service records, “Records of Appointments of Postmasters, Arkansas, 1832-1871” and “Geographic Site Location Reports, 1852-1945.” Also utilized were various editions of the Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat, several volumes of the Territorial Papers of the United States, and the Works Projects Administration’s “List of Post Offices in Arkansas 1817-1874, Inclusive.” The most comprehensive printed compilation of post office information is found in Arkansas History Commission Archival Manager Russell Baker’s Arkansas Post Offices from Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory, 1832-1990, published by the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

Post Office Est. Closed Location Comments
Ain 1879 1920 8-6S-12W Mail to Sheridan
Amber 1897 1917 6-4S-11W Was to be named Graves; Mail to Redfield
Arthur See Thiel
Bassville 1880 1888 24-4S-12W Named for Thomas J. Bass, Postmaster; Mail to Junet
Belfast 1871 1955 14-4S-14W Mail to Sheridan
Bookman 1933 12-6S-12W Named for Williamm Bookman, Postmaster; Name changed from Okay, 1892; Mail to Pine Bluff
Brooks 1872 1914 21-7S-12W Mail to Grapevine
Brushyville 1893 8-4S-12W Name changed from Dade, 1886; Mail to Ebb
Brushyville 1878 1885 27-4S-12W Mail to Sheridan
Buie 1912 1914 24-4S-15W Mail to Prattsville
Burrow 32-4S-15W Fenter, 1907; Poyen, 1908; Named for Edwin M. Burrown, Postmaster
Byrd Srings/Bird's Springs 1857 1872 32-3S-11W From Jefferson County, 1869
Camp Creek 1879 1879 8-6S-12W
Campbell 1877 5-3S-11W To Saline County, 1878
Cherry Grove 1851 1914 34-6S-13W From Saline County, 1869; Mail to Sheridan
Cooper 1878 1886 4-6S-15W See Lucian; Mail to Sandy Springs
Dade 1886 Name changed to Brushyville, 1886
Darysaw 1851 1914 14-6S-12W From Jefferson County, 1869; Mail to Bookman
Dodds/Dodd's 1878 1879 9-4S-12W
Dogwood 1880 1918 4-6S-14W Mail to Sheridan
DuVall See Prague
Ebb 1890 1917 32-4S-12W Mail to Sheridan
Erin 1890 1920 21-6S-13W Local name, Millersville; Mail to Sheridan
Ewing 1880 1889 14-3S-13W Was to be named Ewingsville; Mail to Ico
Ewingsville See Ewing
Fitzhugh's Mills 1872 1878 5-5S-15W
Grapevine 1878 30-6S-12W
Graves See Amber
Ico 1886 1924 18-3S-12W Was to be named Wardsville; Mail to Sheridan
Jame's Town/James Town 1872 1879 20-3S-13W Named for James M. Pennington, Postmaster
Jamie See Rural
Jenkins Ferry 1871 1879 32-5S-14W
Junet 1880 1918 1-5S-12W Mail to Prague
Kelt 1886 1895 11-3S-13W Mail to Sheridan
Lamont 1898 1943 7-7S-11W Mail to Grapevine
Leola 1906 26-6S-15W
Little 1896 1900 32-4S-13W Mail to Sheridan
Lucian 1899 1914 3-6S-15W Was to be named Cooper; Mail to Leola
Millersville See Erin
Obin 1878 1917 28-3S-12W Mail to Redfield
Okay 1885 1-6S-12W Name changed to Bookmaan, 1892
Orion 1878 1902 13-3S-12W Mail to Redfield
Pageville 1872 1878 8-4S-13W Named for Thomas Page, Postmaster
Poe 1887 1905 5-4S-13W Named for William B. Poe; Mail to Sheridan
Poyen 5-5S-15W Name changed from Burrow, 1908
Prague 1913 1942 14-5S-12W Was to be named DuVall; Mail to Sheridan
Prattsville 1857 31-4S-14W From Saline County, 1869
Rural 1881 1892 20-5S-12W Was to be named Jamie; Mail to Sheridan
Sandy Springs 1870 1906 26-6S-15W Mail to Ivy
Sheridan 1870 10-5S-13W
Thiel 1914 1936 34-5S-15W Local name, Arthur Station; Mail to Leola
Tull 1887 1915 26-3S-15W Named for John M. Tull, Postmaster; Mail to Detonte
Turin 1914 14-5S-14W Name changed from Lost Creek, 1859; From Saline County, 1869; Mail to Sheridan
Wardsville See Ico