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Mail delivery first began in North America during the seventeenth century. Prior to the availability of the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, or worldwide web, mail served as the only means of written communication between different locales. The United States’ early mail system proved to be primitive, slow, and often undependable. But as the nation grew, so did its postal system. As American settlers moved west and occupied new lands, their commerce and communication needs demanded dependable, affordable mail service. One of the new places served by the nation’s postal service was Arkansas.

Information about Arkansas post offices on this webpage includes the name of the post office, date of establishment, location, and county. Sources used in compiling this data include official postal service records, “Records of Appointments of Postmasters, Arkansas, 1832-1871” and “Geographic Site Location Reports, 1852-1945.” Also utilized were various editions of the Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat, several volumes of the Territorial Papers of the United States, and the Works Projects Administration’s “List of Post Offices in Arkansas 1817-1874, Inclusive.” The most comprehensive printed compilation of post office information is found in Arkansas History Commission Archival Manager Russell Baker’s Arkansas Post Offices from Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory, 1832-1990, published by the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

Post Office Est. Closed Location Comments
Akeville 1849 Changed from Oak Grove, 1848
Alma 1871 8-9N-30W
Aloska See Bruce
Ami See Andros
Andros 1886 1887 24-9N-31W Was to be Ami; Mail to Van Buren
Anna 1880 1905 9-12N-31W Mail to Armada
Arkloe 1880 1886 17-13N-32W Mail to Uniontown
Armada 1888 1943 17-12N-30W Was to be Lane; Local name, Walker Station; Mail to Chester
Artie See Calvin
Barcelona 1888 1896 24-11N-33W Mail to Uniontown
Barks See Eads
Belmont 1848 1905 10-10N-30W Mail to Alma
Bidville 1880 1943 6-12N-28W Was to be White Rock; Mail to Winslow
Britton 1883 1904 4-8N-30W Was to be Crosslanes; Mail to Haroldton
Bruce 1901 1910 23-12N-29W Was to be Aloska; Mail to Locke
Burton's Mills 1834 1836
Calvin 1904 1904 2-9N-32W Was to be Hay's Store, Artie, or Minnie; Mail to Van Buren
Cantonment Gibson 1832 1839 In Cherokee Nation
Catcher 1891 1908 34-9N-31W Mail to Van Buren
Cedarville 2-10N-32W Changed from Spencer's Shop, 1872
Center See David
Cherokee Agency 1840 1849 To Washington County
Chester 1883 27-12N-30W
Cleveland See Gotha
Cotocton 1836 1840
Cove City See Lee Creek
Covington 1912 1913 6-10N-30W Mail to Lancaster
Crawford Courthouse 1932 Changed to Pleasant Hill, 1838
Cropy 1898 1904 3-9N-31W Mail to Rudy
Crosslanes See Bratton
David 1909 1910 9-12N-31W Was to be Center; Mail to Armada
Davidson 1911 1944 23-12N-33W Named for Felix G. Davidson, Postmaster; Mail to Natural Dam
Dora 1888 18-9N-32W Was to be Hood, for Albert Hood, Postmaster; to Oklahoma after 1918
Dripping Springs 1870 1872 22-10N-39W
Dyer 1885 36-10N-304 Named for Walter A. Dyer, Postmaster; Was to be Dyerbrough
Dyerbrough See Dyer
Eads 1881 1897 4-12N-324 Named for William C. Eads, Postmaster; Was to be Barkes; Mail to Stop
Elm Springs 1850 To Washington County, 1850
Figure Five 1908 1954 25-10N-32W Mail to Van Buren
Fine Springs See Tarrytown
Fort Smith 1829 To Sebastian County, 1852
Frisco 1883 10-12N-30W Local name, Porter Station; Changed to Schaberg, 1912
Frog Valley 1879 1880 8-12N-29W
Gotha 1886 1887 8-10N-29W Was to be Cleveland or Olive; Mail to Graphic
Graphic 1883 1905 1-10N-30W Mail to Alma
Gurtie 1897 1898 Mail to Cedarville
Hale 1888 1895 17-11N-31W Named for Harrison B. Hale, Postmaster; Mail to Cedarville
Hansen 1881 1885 32-11N-33W Mail to Uniontown
Haroldton 1886 1908 14-8N-31W Mail to Van Buren
Harrell See Stattler
Hay's Store See Calvin
Hays 1889 1890
Hobbs 1908 1915 4-10N-31W Named for John H. Hobbs, Postmaster; Mail to Rudy
Hood See Dora
James Fork 1847 To Sebastian County, 1851
Kibler 1900 30-9N-30W Local name, Prairie Grove
Kimes 1911 1917 10-11N-31W Mail to Lancaster
Lancaster 1882 1933 6-10N-30W Mail to Rudy
Lane See Armada
Lanehill 1899 1904 28-9N-30W Mail to Alma
Lee's Creek 1832 Changed to Natural Dam, 1839
Lee's Creek/Lee Creek/ Leecreek 1854 1968 36-12N-32W Local name, Cove City; Mail to Chester
Leonardville 1879 1882 21-8N-31W Mail to Van Buren
Lindsey 1909 1918 22-11N-32W Mail to Cedarville
Lock/Locke/Locke Springs 1884 1956 22-12N-29W
Minnie See Calvin
Mountainbrough/Mountainburg 15-11N-30W Changed from Narrows, 1876
Moutaincrest 1919 1937 To Franklin County, 1930
Mulberry 23-10N-29W Changed from Pleasant Hill, 1877; From Franklin County, 1896
Mulberry 1830 1833
Natural Dam 15-11N-32W Changed from Lee's Creek, 1839
Nine Prairie 1876 33-10N-29W Changed to Vin Prairie, 1876
Oak Grove 1844 Changed to Akeville, 1848
Odell 1955 6-12N-32W Changed from Stop, 1904; To Washington County, 1930
Olive See Gotha
Ozark 1836 To Franklin County, 1837
Penny Witt 1854 1855
Penultima 1842 1847
Pleasant Hill Changed from Crawford Courthouse, 1838; To Franklin County, 1838
Porter Station See Frisco
Redtop 1886 1887 36-11N-30W Mail to Graphic
Richey 1924 1936 20-12N-32W Named for Homer E. Richey, Postmaster; Mail to Odell
Rosedale 1908 1939 9-12N-32W Mail to Odell
Rudy 1883 22-10N-31W Named for George H. Rudy, Postmaster
Sand Hill See Sand Point
Sand Point 1879 1902 4-11N-29W Was to be Sand Hill; Mail to Locke
Schaberg 1950 10-12N-30W Changed from Risco, 1912; Named for John W. Schaberg, Postmaster
Sherman 1913 1914 30-11N-29W Mail to Mountainburg
Shibley 1895 1917 15-9N-31W Mail to Van Buren
Short Mountain 1830 1838
Speir 1888 1895 17-10N-32W Named for John L. Speir; Mail to Stattler
Spencers Shop 1870 Named for John Spencer, Postmaster; Changed to Cedarville, 1872
Stattler 1882 1912 22-10N-32W Was to be Harrell; Mail to Van Buren
Steep Hill 1847 1849
Stop 1884 Changed to Odell, 1904
Sugar Loaf 1847 To Sebastian County, 1852
Tarry Town/Tarrytown 1871 29-10N-30W Was to be Fine Springs; See Dean Springs
The Narrows 1848 Changed to Mountainburg, 1876
Truth 1892 1892
Uniontown/Union 1881 31-11N-32W
Van Buren 1831 25-9N-32W
Vida 1894 1898 18-12N-31W Mail to Anna
Vine Prairie 1877 Changed from Nine Prairie, 1876
Walker Station/Walkers See Armada
White Rock See Bidville
Winfrey 1898 1921 8-12N-29W
Zonobia 1887 1898 2-9N-31W Mail to Van Buren