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Mail delivery first began in North America during the seventeenth century. Prior to the availability of the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, or worldwide web, mail served as the only means of written communication between different locales. The United States’ early mail system proved to be primitive, slow, and often undependable. But as the nation grew, so did its postal system. As American settlers moved west and occupied new lands, their commerce and communication needs demanded dependable, affordable mail service. One of the new places served by the nation’s postal service was Arkansas.

Information about Arkansas post offices on this webpage includes the name of the post office, date of establishment, location, and county. Sources used in compiling this data include official postal service records, “Records of Appointments of Postmasters, Arkansas, 1832-1871” and “Geographic Site Location Reports, 1852-1945.” Also utilized were various editions of the Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Democrat, several volumes of the Territorial Papers of the United States, and the Works Projects Administration’s “List of Post Offices in Arkansas 1817-1874, Inclusive.” The most comprehensive printed compilation of post office information is found in Arkansas History Commission Archival Manager Russell Baker’s Arkansas Post Offices from Memdag to Norsk: A Historical Directory, 1832-1990, published by the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

Post Office Est. Closed Location Comments
Accident 1888 1890 10-3S-23W Mail to Plata
Ada See Norfolk
Alamo 1894 1918 19-3S-23W Was to be called Cheatham's; Mail to Womble
Albert 1910 1928 27-4S-27W Mail to Langley
Alder 1907 1920 6-3S-27W Mail to Opal
Alf 1916 1953 14-3S-27W Changed from Helen, 1916; Mail to Big Fork
Atkin's Store 1845 To Hot Spring County, 1848
Avant 1905 To Garland County, 1917; Named for Avant Family
Barnett 1908 1916 8-4S-26W Was to be named Petty; Mail to Black Springs
Bear 1882 To Garland County, 1917
Bible See Gladstone
Big Fork 1854 24-3S-28W To Polk County, 1860
Black Springs 1869 31-3S-25W
Buckville 1884 To Garland County, 1917
Caddo Cove 1848 1866 26-3S-26W
Caddo Gap/Caddogap 1878 18-4S-24W Local name, Caddo Mills; Changed from Centreville 1878
Caddo Mills See Caddo Gap
Cedar Glades 1883 Change from Harold, 1883; To Garland County, 1917
Center See Theresa
Centreville 1857 Change to Caddo Gap, 1878
Cheatham's See Alamo
Chillocton 1891 1891
Clagett 1911 1918 9-3S27W Was to be Sulphur Springs; Mail to Alf
Crystal Hill 1858 1871 6-2S-26W Also 17-2S-27W
Crystal Springs 1880 To Garland County, 1917
Cuba See Redbird
Dilce 1910 1918 29-2S-24W Local name, Hurrican Grove; Mail to Mt. Ida
Fancy Hill 1878 1921 27-4S-26W Mail to Hopper
Fannie 1955 32-1N-23W Changed from Liberty, 1926; Was to be Freedom; Named for Fannie F. Wilson
Fir 1905 1928 6-2S-23W Mail to Mt. Ida
Forrest Hill See Hickory Station
Freedom See Fannie
Gaddis 1891 1892
Gaston 1906 1929 27-2S-26W Named for James J. Gaston, Postmaster; Mail to Norman
Gaston's Mills 1874 1879 15-2S-25W
Ghent 1902 1918 8-4S-23W Mail to Glenwood
Gibbs 1910 1932 13-1S-25W Was to be Rockey; Mail to Washita
Gladstone 1893 c1978 27-1N-22W From Garland County, 1890; Was to be Bible; Back to Garland, 1893
Grant See New
Harold 1845 31-1S-21W Local name,, Cedar Glades; Changed to Cedar Glades, 1883
Hathaway/Hathaway Gap 1907 1909 28-2S-27W Mail to Waters
Helen 1908 14-3S-27W Changed to Alf, 1916
Hickory Station 1879 1910 13-4S-24W Was to be Forrest Hill; Mail to Caddo Gap
Hinton See Sims
Hopper 1888 1968 29-4S-25W Mail to Caddo Gap
Huddleston 1911 1928 11-2S-27W Named for James R. Huddleston, Postmaster; Mail to Opal
Hurricane Grove See Dilce
Imelda 1916 1922 12-4S-23W Local name, McKinley; Mail to Bonnerdale
Iron Springs 1852 1880 14-1S-24W
Joplin 1888 1901 27-2S-23W Mail to Silver
Lackey 1886 1886 Named for J. P. Lackey, Postmaster
Leverney 1886 1888 2-2S-23W Mail to Stillwater
Liberty 1909 32-1N-23W Changed to Fannie, 1926
Love 1873 Changed to Silver City, 1879
Lucky 1887 1923 27-4S-23W Mail to Bonnerdale
Mabel 1896 1901 11-1S-23W Mail to Buckville
Manfred 1886 1907 11-4S-25W Was to be Mary Etta; Mail to Caddo Gap
Mary Etta See Manfred
Mauldin 1923 1937 9-2S-25W Mail to Mt. Ida
Mayberry Springs/Mayberry 1881 1881 36-2S-22W Named for Mayberry Family
Mazarne/Mazarn 1858 1924 35-3S-23W Mail to Bonnerdale
McKinley See Imelda
Mimosa 1902 1916 2-3S-26W Mail to Black Springs
Montgomery 1848 Changed from Mount Ida 1848; Changed to Mount Ida, 1849
Mount Ida/Mt. Ida 1842 24-2S-25W From Hot Spring County 1842; Changed to Montgomery, 1848; Mount Ida, 1849
Myrtle See Ranch
New 1902 1913 9-4S-27W Was to be Grant; Mail to Opal
Norfolk 1882 1884 17-1S-22W Was to be Ada; Mail to Buckville
Norman 1925 28-3S-25W Changed from Womble, 1925
Oakwood 1894 1928 3-1N-22W Mail to Avant
Oden 1882 33-1S-26W
Ophir 1888 1909 31-3S-24W Mail to Womble
Pencil Bluff 1949 25-1S-26W Local name, Sock City
Petty See Barnett
Pine Ridge 1936 7-2S-27W Changed from Waters, 1936
Piney See Snow
Plata 1888 1909 27-3S-24W Mail to Alamo
Ranch 1890 1890 34-1N-23W Was to be Myrtle; Mail to Buckville
Redbird 1901 1927 9-3S-27W Was to be Cuba; Mail to Norman
Rocket' See Gibbs
Rubie 1910 1913 2-2S-24W Mail to Mt. Ida
Segur 1917 1919 30-4S-23W Mail to Lucky
Silver City/Silver 1953 20-2S-23W Changed from Love, 1879; Mail to Mount Ida
Sims 1880 5-2S-25W Also 17-1S-25W; Was to be Hinton
Slatington 1901 1913 33-3S-27W Mail to Opal
Snow 1908 1914 6-2S-24W Was to be Piney; Mail to Mt. Ida
Sock City See Pencil Bluff
Stillwater 1880 17-1N-23W To Yell Count, 1901
Story 1886 35-1N-24W Named for Nelly Story, Postmistress
Sugarloaf See Waykeith
Sulphur Springs See Clagett
Tackett 1890 1894 18-4S-23W Named for George A. Tackett, Postmaster; Mail to Hickory Station
Theresa 1901 1901 33-2S-27W Was to be Center; Mail to Big Fork
Washita 1881 1955 26-1S-24W Mail to Story
Waters 1886 4-2S-27W Named for Henry M. Waters, Postmaster; Changed to Pine Ridge, 1936
Waver Light 1886 36-2S-22W From Garland County, 1880; Mail to Bear
Waykeith 1915 1916 25-4S-23W Was to be Sugar Loaf; Mail to Lucky
Welch 1890 1916 32-4S-23W Named for Thomas J. Welch, Postmaster; Mail to Lucky
Womble 1907 Change to Norman, 1925