Miller County Facts

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Created: December 22, 1874
Named for: Old Miller County
Parent county: Lafayette
Progeny: none
Current county seat: Texarkana

Old Miller County

Created: April 1, 1820
Abolished: 1838
Named for: first Territorial Gov., James Miller
Parent county: Hempstead
Progeny: Sevier
County seats: the house of Claiborne Wright, near the house of Gabriel N. Martin, the house of Charles Burkham, and Old Jonesboro.
Notes: When created, Miller County situated in what is now southeastern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas. In 1825, the United State Government ceded most of that part of Miller County now in Oklahoma to the Choctaw Nation. After the establishment of the Republic of Texas, it was found that all of the remainder of the county lay within Texas. By 1838, the area was annexed to Texas. The courthouse of Old Miller County burned in 1828 destroying all records.